The twisted path to life

We are accepted and we are rejected. We have satisfied and we have dissatisfied. We win and we lose. We pass and we fail. We try for our bosses, professors or those who inspire us to be in their place later. We try for our peers second and knowing that they will always be there for us, we try for our family last. But do we truly please everyone?  Or is it merely a delusion of our imagination? The descending spiral of gratified people appears twisted. However it is human nature to push those who care most over for the dream job despite the fact they are the reason you got there in the first place. We are never satisfied, but it’s something I was told never do to succeed.

It is true. In order to succeed, you must never be satisfied. Well, on a daily basis I apply myself to school, work, two but soon three internships, soccer and a few clubs. If 20 credits weren’t enough, I find myself never satisfied.

Since I know the world is full of overachiever, whom I’m competing against for my obscure dream job, I know there are others who also need to fathom the act of relaxing is certainly okay. I guarantee the stressful objects your daily life consumes will subsist. I do not have a break coming up. In fact, I have the 3 busiest weeks coming up with midterms, presentations, a trip and planning an event for a few hundred.

I have a goal for the next few weeks though. I don’t want to create new wrinkles with my stress. So instead, I am going to “keep calm and carry on” with a few ideas:

– De-stress with yoga or try something new like Zumba

– Smile

– Read that book I’ve temporized

– Get a massage

Whatever it be, just relax before its finals time. I deserve it more than anything.

“Ten thousand flowers in spring

the moon in autumn,

a cool breeze in summer,

snow in winter.

If your mind isn’t clouded by unnecessary things,

this is the best season of your life.” Wu-men



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