A resume isn’t cheap

I changed my plans as I always do. I just want to see the world and cannot decide where I want to go because I want it all. Originally, I was to study for a semester in Costa Rica, travel in the summer, and then study for another semester in Spain. I would see Central America, South America, and Europe and not come home for a year. So what’s the problem? What more could I want?

Of course, I was thinking about my résumé. My mom told me the other day that I have been conscious about my résumé since middle school. First it was my soccer resume and how I would get recruited to play division 1 college soccer. After I committed to play soccer for a D-1 school, then it was my academics and I became my high school’s yearbook editor. Then I wanted all the internships I could get at one time while playing soccer and as a staff member for my university’s newspaper. Somehow that wasn’t enough. I started a club on campus and was the president. And then joined a sorority.

So what more could I want? I wanted to learn French as well. I wanted to be tri-lingual so I changed my study abroad plans last week. I will now study for a semester in Spain and a semester in France. I will (hopefully) get a summer internship in Spain, England or NYC.

But now, it’s all about money. Unfortunately, a good resume isn’t cheap.

And as promised, I’m still taking at least one picture a day with my camera. A picture to show you that I’m not a serious. I have a fun side, too!

Me (left) and my new Delta Zeta little!


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