First Post Ever

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In every blog, the first post must be the most boring. The author tries to explain him/herself and tries to give a good reason for starting a blog. What’s my reason? I’m a media student and blogging seems as if it could replace a résumé. I feel the need to be on every social network (FacebookTumblrFourSquareTwitter,Instagram, etc.) or else I’m not media savvy. I love Twitter. I love Facebook. And I love blogging. But I need to make a habit of updating and posting to these websites. I could stalk my friends on Facebook, or spend hours on Twitter finding new people to follow for hours and hours. Here is my attempt to blog. It might be weeks until someone actually reads this post, or even months. I understand that. But as a media student and aspiring public relations professional, I need to start somewhere.

I’m using this site as a tool for employers to look at. I recently heard that employers use blogs or Twitter to develop interview questions about that individual.

Throughout this blog, I will post about websites I find interesting, tales of my adventures abroad, fashion (what’s a blog without fashion?), my bucket list, photos, or detail my passions. I won’t limit it to just those, but I thought I would just give you an idea.




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